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General Liability Insurance for Contractors is very necessary for the protection of your company. It covers you if sued for negligence that causes bodily injury or damages the property of another. Coronavirus has raised an interesting question. Would you be covered if sued by someone that contracts coronavirus at your place of business?


General Liability Insurance and Coronavirus

There are still a number of questions in relation to liability coverage and the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to read the wording in your specific policy. See if there are any exclusions that mean underinsurance if a claim related to coronavirus arises.  Speaking with your insurance carrier or agent will also give you further clarity.


What Coverage Does General Liability Insurance for Contractors Provide?

General Liability assists with the cost of your legal defense, including the costs of evidence and witness fees.  It also covers settlement costs.  The types of damages covered are bodily injury, personal injury, damage to property, advertising injury and medical payments.  A brief explanation of these is as follows:


  • Bodily injury- physical injuries caused to another person. Example: debris falling from the roof strikes a visotr and breaks his arm.


  • Personal injury- reputation damage caused to another. Example: you slander the work of a competitor with the result that they lose business and suffer financial loss.


  • Damage to property- damage to the property of another. Example: you drop a garage door onto your client’s car during the renovation of his garage.


  • Advertising injury- damage you cause to another as a result of your advertising.  Example: You infringe copyright when you use the logo of a supplier without permission.


  • Medical payments- costs of medical care of someone’s injury on your premises. Example: You don’t cover a hole on your site and a visitor twists their ankle. The incident doesn’t spark a lawsuit, but your liability coverage pays for the medical costs.


At Farmer Brown Insurance, all liability policies also include compensatory damage, general damages, and punitive damages.


What doesn’t General Liability Coverage cover?

It is important to note that this coverage does not extend to your employees when injured at work. Workers Compensation covers this.  It covers medical care costs. Also covered is the loss of income suffered by your worker.


Damage to your own property is also excluded.  This needs property coverage. An example of property coverage is Builder’s Risk Insurance.  This covers your property while construction is in progress.


Get General Liability Insurance for Contractors Tailored For Your Business

The best way to find out whether your business has coverage for coronavirus is to consult with an insurance company that specializes in contractors insurance. At Farmer Brown Insurance we know that no two insurance policies look alike.  This is because your business is unique and it has its own needs. This means that your policy may offer some coverage for Coronavirus damages.


John Brown President Farmer Brown Insurance (888) 973 0016

John Brown – President

We can customize a solution that gives you the coverage you need.  It will also be affordable.  We work with A-rated carriers to find you the right coverage at the lowest rates. Call Farmer Brown Insurance on (888) 973-0016 and protect your business.


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