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Insurance in Nebraska doesn’t have make a huge dent in your company’s pockets.  Cheap Builder’s Risk Insurance offering good coverage for your business is just a phone call away.  So, many brokers offer Builder’s Risk at as little as 1-5% of construction costs, making it one of the cheapest, most effective types of construction insurance in Nebraska. Contracting is big business in your state.  A gigantic $840 billion industry in 2019.  Thus, good, cost-effective protection is necessary to compete.

Let’s take a look at how Farmer Brown Insurance will get you good, cheap Builder’s Risk insurance, without sacrificing any safety.



Why Buy Cheap Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Small businesses sometimes neglect Builder’s Risk insurance. However, many clients won’t hire without it. With this in mind, a few thousand dollars for a housing project is little to pay to make sure you get hired. Beyond this, the protection it gives to construction work makes it vital contractor coverage. Hence, Builder’s Risk pays damages from external causes of loss like fire and storms. You live and work in America’s windiest state with its share of rough weather. Cheap Builder’s Risk insurance in Nebraska is worth the low price considering the protection it affords you.



Keep It Legal

Some contractors inadvertently buy Builder’s Risk that doesn’t hold up legally, without realizing it. Cheap Builder’s Risk insurance begins with making sure it pays out in the first place.
Make sure workers are correctly classified, documents are sound, and your insured subs are correctly deducted for. If you need help, Farmer Brown has professionals who specialize in insurance in Nebraska.



Lower The Price

There are several ways to reduce the basic cost of Builder’s Risk insurance in Nebraska.
Storms pose an especially potent threat, so premiums could be higher if you don’t demonstrate effective weatherproofing. Security measures like illumination, MSUs and alarms all reduce risk of theft.  Theft being the most common cause of construction loss. This in turn helps reduce your insurance premium. The average cost of a site theft is around $46,000.  So buying cheap Builder’s Risk insurance will save you big money if the worst does happen.

Farmer Brown carries an A+ rating with BBB and thousands of five-star reviews because we know this market inside-out. We’ll make sure your policy takes everything into account and costs you as little as possible.



Extensions Are Key

Your Builder’s Risk policy isn’t standardized, meaning even cheap Builder’s Risk is easily customizable to your specific needs. Well-considered deductibles and exclusions save you money straight up.  There’s no point in covering risks you don’t face.

Extensions can be cheaply added to your coverage.  These can protect against less ‘typical’ risks you’re more concerned about. Some great additions to your cheap Builder’s Risk insurance in Nebraska are:

  • Temporary Structures: Non-residential starts in Nebraska topped $2.7 billion in 2019. Big building means lots of expensive structures, scaffolding and elevators lying around. Best to keep it protected.
  • Ordinance or Law: Omaha has updated the IRC building laws 4 times in 14 years. Far slower than most cities. The rules can change abruptly and significantly. This extension protects you from any mid-job code revisions forcing you to lose money.
  • Water Intrusion: With harsh weather conditions and frequent flooding, you can’t be too careful with protecting against clogged up drains and pipes. It’s an unseen but deadly risk for Nebraska construction sites.



Buy Your Insurance In Nebraska Today

John Brown President Farmer Brown Insurance (888) 973 0016

John Brown – President

There’s lots to think about when trying to secure cheap Builder’s Risk insurance in Nebraska.  Farmer Brown Insurance can help. We specialize in contractors’ insurance and provide free, no-obligation quotes from several Nebraska insurers. We help you choose the best, cheapest protection plan for your business. Give us a call at (888) 973-0016 to find out more.

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