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Have you– or are you thinking of — taking advantage of the huge demand for cigarette alternatives? If your Vape Business Insurance is not up-to-date you may not have enough coverage to protect your business from liability claims.  Do you know that regular business owners insurance may not offer adequate protection for your vaping business?


Underinsured? Incorrect policy? Big Mistakes! 

It is important to be protected with specifically-designed vape business insurance. Every kind of business faces their own set of liability risks. A vape retail outlet or lounge is no different.

If you have a policy that specifically rules out coverage for a particular risk your business will face, then you have invested in the wrong policy. Always read the small print.

In another scenario, you could have set the amount of your coverage too low. In the event of a liability claim, you will discover that you are underinsured.


A nasty surprise

There are 3 consequences of inadequate insurance, and both can come as a nasty surprise:

  1. your liability claim will be denied outright,
  2. your liability claim could be denied and the policy made void,
  3. the insurance company will only pay a portion of the liability claim, and you will have to pay the rest.

In all 3 instances, you could pay your premiums on time every time, and still find yourself facing huge financial loss. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse. You will face penalties, and they could be so harsh that your business may have to close.


Expand your business, expand your insurance

You may have started out with tobacco products and added vape products as the trend has grown. If this is the case, you already know that tobacco-containing products are a category of their own. Now you are likely to also sell vaping accessories like cartridges, liquid flavorings, and batteries.

The liability insurance you have for your smoke shop may not include vape business insurance. Now is the time to ensure you have the coverage you need. Can you add exclusions, or should you invest in a whole new Vape Business Insurance? Find out from your agent.

Your Vape Business Insurance policy needs specific wording. Your current business owners policy will specify the types of claims you are insured against. But does the policy stretch to vaping products? Farmer Brown Insurance company provides business owners insurance that is customised for your specific requirements.


6 Reasons to Choose Farmer Brown Insurance

  1. Save both time and money.
  2. Get free, no obligation quotes.
  3. We offer different financing and payment options
  4. Get customer service after the sale that is the best in the industry
  5. Online quotes for your vaping business insurance within minutes.
  6. We can also customize an insurance package for you that’s tailored to meet your requirements.

John Brown President Farmer Brown Insurance (888) 973 0016

John Brown – President

Our licensed agents are experts and we are happy to answer all your questions. We can give you the right advice and assistance for your vape business insurance. Call Farmer Brown Insurance on (888) 973-0016 right away and find out how to improve your vaping business insurance.

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