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This summer is all about climate-focused options and multi-season landscaping. But, there’s another pressing issue. How will you protect your landscaping business in these difficult times? Now is the time to apply savvy business practices, like making sure your Landscaping Business Liability insurance is up to date.

Cash-conscious clients are looking for gardens that don’t require excessive upkeep.  And seasoned contractors will know that when clients feel the pinch, they particularly focus on bang for their buck. This makes them more prepared to pursue legal recourse.


Trending landscapes this season

Eco-friendly landscapes

Eco-friendly landscaping covers a multitude of sub-trends. These include the following exciting options.

  • Climate-focused plant choices.
  • Smart-irrigation systems monitor weather and soil conditions to avoid unnecessary watering.
  • intelligent vegetation selections minimize care requirements.
  • Food gardens supplement the household’s groceries. They also positively affect your carbon footprint.
  • Artisanal features such as chevron and basket-weave patterns are on-trend. They are applied to everything from paving to boundary walls.
  • Geometric walkways with “hard” features are replacing ground coverings and flower beds.


Multi-season landscapes

With the need to tighten belts, clients choose to maximize their current space. We are making the most of what we have rather than move to bigger properties.  Outdoor kitchens and barbeque areas are getting a lot of attention. Features such as outdoor heating means that use of these areas are extended into the fall. Many are used year-round, in some parts of the country. This is a wise decision right now. It is safer to gather outside than to be indoors during the pandemic.

Swimming pools and other play areas are also experiencing increased attention. Why? Because as people are electing to “stay safe and stay home.” Children and adults alike are looking for entertainment at home.


Routine maintenance

These trends are both positive and negative. What does it mean to your landscaping business? On the upside, many cost-saving measures require an upfront investment from the client.  You could see revenues increasing initially. However, routine maintenance like lawn care will likely dip in the future.

So, clients are cutting back on routine garden maintenance. This means less business for you.  You may be tempted to cut overhead costs.  But, whatever you do, don’t quit your Landscaping Business Liability insurance! A move like this may look good on paper, but will cost you more if you are sued.

Is your business now smaller than ever before? Then now is the time to reassess your coverage. Being over-insured not only costs more, but it can also result in reduced pay out.


Revise your Landscaping Business Liability insurance

Landscaping Business Liability insurance is tailor-made for your landscaping business.  It protects your business if you lose a lawsuit against an injured party and are forced to pay damages.

When conditions change, your cover needs revision. The trends we’re seeing have undeniable implications for insurance.  An increased focus on technology (like smart-irrigation), and plant selection beyond the aesthetic, place an extra burden of care on the landscape contractor. What would happen if one of your employees planted a poisonous plant in a food garden? As the business owner, you are liable.


Coverage concerns 

Farmer Brown insurance company understands the landscaping industry and can advise you on the appropriate Landscaping Business Liability insurance for your business.

John Brown President Farmer Brown Insurance (888) 973 0016

John Brown – President

We’ll ensure you’re adequately protected. And you won’t pay for cover you don’t require.  Contact Farmer Brown insurance company at (888) 973-0016 to discuss your insurance needs today.


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