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Plumbers’ liability insurance is a very essential coverage for plumbers, regardless of whether they operate their own businesses or work as subcontractors. Considering the nature of plumbing, things can get damaged by a contractor. Water could as well get out of hand to damage some items belonging to clients. Plumbers’ liability insurance is quite essential if you are to safeguard your business against unfortunate and unexpected occurrences that could crop up while working as a plumber. It is possible that you are wondering about what plumbers’ liability insurance covers? If yes, you should read on.


Coverage Provided by Plumber’s Liability Insurance

Bodily Injury – This insurance policy covers your business against problems that could result if someone gets injured on your business premises. It also safeguards you against effects of injuries caused by you or someone working for you while executing tasks on a client’s property. The policy handles the medical costs of the injured person, up to an agreed threshold.

Property damage – You may never be able to completely rule out the possibility of a client’s property becoming damaged while working on it. Damage could affect client’s existing pipe network or even public property such as gas pipelines. Lawsuits could result in these situations and similar, if the parties involved are not particularly understanding. The cost of litigation could prove too much for your business. But you need not worry much if you have an active plumbers’ liability coverage.

Completed project or product liability – Sometimes, issues may not arise during a roofing project, but will rear their ugly head after completion. A client could complain that work was not completed to specification and threaten legal action. Plumbers’ liability insurance helps to insulate your business against losses that could result is such situations.

Advertising injury – Perhaps, this might sound new or funny to you, but it is real. Advertising injury refers to negative consequence of the method used for advertising your business. For example, a rival in roofing business could sue you for using statements considered slanderous against them in your advertisement.

You can protect your business against huge and costly losses by carrying plumbers’ liability insurance. Besides, law in most states requires that plumbers have this coverage. Some clients will also not give you projects without showing proof of this insurance. Obviously, your ability to work as plumber and also to get jobs relies greatly on you having plumbers’ insurance coverage.

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