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We can all agree that Construction Insurance is a must-have. But, is this true? You will probably be surprised to learn that not all contractors believe in insurance. Some of these contractors are new to the business and, as such,  don’t yet appreciate the financial dangers business owners face.


Others believe that construction insurance is too expensive. Sadly, these contractors haven’t done their homework because you can get cheap construction insurance.


The Dangers of No Construction Insurance

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the country. It doesn’t come as a shock to know that roofers are at the top of this list. The bottom line is that if you don’t protect your business from financial losses you could lose it. Expensive claims include third party claims, worker injury or damage to the building you are constructing.


The tragedy is that contractors have lost more than just their livelihood. They have lost their homes, their marriages and their reputation. Would you ever forgive yourself if all this happened to you just because you didn’t invest in insurance?

3 Policies Every Contractor Should Have

Let’s see what policies a contractor should have to cover the risks you face every day.


  1. Third Party Claims:  General Liability Insurance include coverage for claims that allege financial loss through bodily injury or property damage sustained through the course of your work. This insurance is required by law in most states. This is a blessing because those contractors who are reluctant to purchase insurance will still be covered.
  2. Employee Injuries: Workers Compensation is also mandatory and covers employee injuries. Medical expenses can be a real threat to your contractor business.
  3. Your Profits: This coverage is optional, but highly recommended. Designed to cover the structure you’re building, renovating or remodeling, Hence, Builder’s Risk Insurance provides coverage for 2 expensive incidents. It covers property replacement equal to the value of the property lost. You can also be reimbursed for a percentage of profit earned as of the date of the loss.


Your Customized Construction Insurance Program

The best insurance companies will advise you to invest in Builder’s Risk. Subsequently, it is important to note that Builder’s Risk is only purchased for the duration of a project. Remember that if you shop around for a good insurance company, they will find the cheapest rate for the best coverage, no matter what policies you need.

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John Brown – President

At Farmer Brown Insurance, we will even get you 3 of the best quotes to choose from.  Cheap, reliable construction insurance is just a call away. Can you afford to be without it? Call us at 888 973-0016 today. The right insurance could save more than just your business.

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