Roofing Contractor Insurance is liability coverage specialized for your roofing business. It is tailored to provide coverage for the unique risks that a company faces when undertaking this hazardous work. Hence, let’s look at why you need it, and the coverage that it provides.


Why do you Need Roofing Contractor Insurance?

Roofing company insurance protects your business and your assets. Roofing is risky for workers as well as other parties on site. Even on sites practicing the highest safety protocols, accidents still happen.  Therefore, the most common accidents involve objects falling from the roof. This could be tools, debris or equipment. A falling object can seriously or even fatally wound a passerby. Debris on the ground from the roof is also a tripping hazard.


In most States liability coverage is mandatory. Hence, even if it is not a legal requirement for you, it makes sense to protect your business from claims for damages.


What coverage does Roofing Contractor Insurance provide?

This roofing company insurance is liability insurance that covers third party damages. Consequently, it pays for the costs of a settlement, as well as your defense costs.  Furthermore, tailor your policy for your particular business needs. The type of coverage you can include is:

  • Damage to property – when actions (or inaction) by your company results in damage to the property of another.


  • Injuries to body – the cost of medical care, loss of services and compensation if you injure a third party.


  • Personal and Advertising injury – examples of this coverage are costs for claims if you infringe on copyright of another company, or violate the privacy rights of another with your advertising.


  • Medical payments – this is for payment of medical costs for an injured third party who doesn’t make a full liability claim.


Does Roofing Contractor Insurance Protect Your Workers?

Coverage for your employees comes from Workers Compensation. This is both mandatory and very necessary when it comes to roofing. Moreover, it’s considered in the top 10 most dangerous professions. A roof is high, with a pitch, and there is always a risk of falling. Thus, the work is physically demanding. The roof is often in a state of disrepair which can make it perilous. Weather conditions like rain or wind can make working on a roof a hazardous job.


Get Tailored Roofing Contractor Insurance

Your company is unique and so are your insurance requirements. A General Liability policy will give you the third party coverage you need. Having a specialized insurance plan that is tailored for your business gives you the right coverage for your business.


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Written by: John Brown
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