Construction insurance in Wichita makes good business sense if you want to take advantage of the opportunities available. Currently there is development underway in downtown Wichita with a value of more than $250 million. Furthermore, with Builder’s Risk insurance you can confidentlyivnvolve yourself in projects. You’ll have best coverage in the event of accidents and problems on site. Do you qualify for Builder’s Risk insurance? In this article we will talk about what Builder’s Risk insurance is for and who should get it.


What is Builder’s Risk insurance?

Builder’s Risk Insurance is property coverage that insures you against a number of unplanned and adverse events that can take place on a building site.  You don’t expect your tools to get stolen.  But if they are you can be in trouble.  Consequently, tools are expensive and it could cost you thousands of dollars to replace them.  If you have coverage from Builder’s Risk insurance your policy will pay for your new tools.  Moreover, you will not be out of pocket and you can continue with your work.



What does Builder’s Risk insure against?

Theft of tools is just one of the risks you can get coverage for in your policy.  Some others include:

  1. Destruction as a result of fire on site
  2. Weather damage from storms, lightning, hail or wind
  3. Accidents that damage the building
  4. Theft of materials and fittings
  5. Vandalism to the structure or equipment
  6. The cost of debris removal in the event of an accident
  7. Cost of delays caused by Building Ordinance changes mid-project


This is just some of the coverage you can include in your construction insurance in Wichita.  You will only select coverage for the things you think are relevant to your project.  Thus, you can identify your exposure and what coverage you need by considering factors like the materials you will be using, the activity that will happen on site, storage and transportation, and your location.



Who qualifies for construction insurance in Wichita?

There are two questions to answer for this question.  The first is what projects qualify for this construction insurance in Wichita.  And the second is, who is the insurance for.


Builder’s Risk Insurance applies to specific types of construction projects.  As a result, it includes the construction of new buildings and structures and the remodeling and restructuring of current buildings.  Moreover, it is coverage for the duration of the construction process. Consequently, Builder’s Risk applies to businesses and professions like developers, builders, contractors, property owners, retail tenants (renovating a rental property), and homeowners undertaking renovation.  As a result, to secure this coverage, you need to have two years construction experience.



Should you get construction insurance in Wichita?

Further, Builder’s Risk Insurance provides you with a few advantages:


  • You have confidence and peace of mind that you are covered for risks
  • It tells your clients you are a professional and can be trusted with their project
  • Your financial investment in a project is protected



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Written by: John Brown
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