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Builder’s Risk Insurance in Sacramento will help you take advantage of many construction opportunities. The forecast Market Volume for construction in Sacramento in 2020 is $10 billion, and this is an increase of 14% from 2019. Builder’s Risk insurance is not mandatory, and so not all developers and contractors have this coverage.  Let’s talk about how we can make this work for you in getting your piece of the pie!


Builder’s Risk Insurance In Sacramento

The purpose of insurance is to transfer a risk that you face onto another party.  Generally, the risk in question is something which has a low probability of happening but, should it happen, will result in a loss.  For example, if you have tools stolen from your building site, you will need to replace them.  You won’t be out of pocket if you have Builder’s Risk coverage for this event, as your insurance will pay for your new tools.


There are other losses you could incur on the site which are even more costly than the replacement of your tools.  Expensive equipment like an elevator could be damaged whilst being transported to the site. Your HVAC installation could be vandalized before it is installed. An accident could occur and a portion or even the whole building could be destroyed. If you do not have coverage for these events you could lose a lot of profit and suffer a significant financial loss.


What Is Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Builder’s Risk insurance is specialized coverage for these types of events.  Each policy is unique, so you customize your coverage for the risks that you face.  When you buy your policy from Farmer Brown, our knowledgeable experts will work with you to tailor your coverage for your particular project.


How Does Builder’s Risk Protect You?

Here are 3 ways Builder’s Risk insurance in Sacramento can help you:


  1. Builder’s Risk coverage gives you peace of mind.  Despite the best laid plans, construction projects can throw some curveballs.  When you have coverage for these unplanned events, you can rest easier.
  2. Having Builder’s Risk tells clients you aren’t a fly-by-night company. You are professional; you take accountability; clients can rely on you to deliver.
  3. If your project is being funded, you will need this coverage before the loan is funded. Your investor will know it is safe to invest in this project.


When Do You Get Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Builder’s Risk coverage is specific to a project.  Before you start a project, you buy your policy.  Your policy has a time period, generally 3 or 6 or 12 months, although it can be renewed.  At Farmer Brown our experts will ask the right questions to understand your project, and then present you with some free no-obligation quotes. These will give you the right coverage at the lowest cost.

Get Insurance in Sacramento Today

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John Brown – President

Now is the time to get your insurance in Sacramento. Builder’s Risk makes you stand out from the crowd. Our experts can help you identify your potential risks and give you the right coverage. Call Farmer Brown Insurance on (888) 973-0016 and give yourself the best chance of success.

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