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Before you choose a contractor insurance company in Delaware, speak to us at Farmer Brown Insurance. Delaware is a business friendly state and there are many commercial projects in the pipeline.  Are you ready to take advantage of them? Farmer Brown Insurance represents many national and regional providers and we can get you the right coverage at the right price.

Let’s look at why you need Builder’s Risk insurance and why you should choose us as your insurance provider.



Why have Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Has your contractor insurance company in Delaware explained the advantages of a Builder’s Risk policy? This is not mandatory coverage so not everyone participating in the construction industry purchases it.  Some of the reasons we at Farmer Brown Insurance recommend it are:

  • Some clients insist that you have Builder’s Risk Insurance
  • You demonstrate your professionalism to a client when you have it
  • If damage occurs on your site you have the coverage to address it
  • You gain peace of mind for your project



What coverage does it give you?

Builder’s Risk insurance is specialized property coverage. It is customized to your business, and whilst there are common inclusions, it is important to check you are covered appropriately..

Not all policies automatically include coverage for theft for example. Theft is a very common occurrence on a building site and it is well worth including it. The replacement of stolen materials or tools can run into thousands of dollars, and you will be glad to have it if theft occurs on your site.



Other common risks to include are:

  • Replacement cost coverage of the building
  • Coverage for accidental damage to the building
  • Damage from adverse weather events like hail
  • Vandalism to equipment or the building
  • Clearing or decontamination of the site in the event of an accident



Why choose Farmer Brown as your contractor insurance company in Delaware?

Furthermore, at Farmer Brown Insurance we can assist you in the customization of your policy.  Our agents are knowledgeable with many years of experience in the industry. Moreover, a Farmer Brown agent will ask you some questions to establish the coverage you need, and will answer all your questions.

Therefore, it pays to have the right advice. For example, the valuation of your project is very important.  Your coverage must be for the replacement cost of the building at completion. Additionally, if you are insured for less than this, you will be faced with a co-payment penalty when you make a claim.  Farmer Brown insurance will assist you to get the right coverage so you are not faced with nasty surprises later on.

We are specialists in this type of coverage and give solid advice. Thus, it’s how we have built our reputation on BBB as an A+ provider. Therefore, does your contractor insurance company in Delaware measure up to this standard?

John Brown President Farmer Brown Insurance (888) 973 0016

John Brown – President

Getting the correct insurance in place is an important aspect of your contracting business. Our agents will give you the right advice so you get the right coverage. Call Farmer Brown Insurance on  (888) 973-0016 and set yourself up for success.

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