Contractor Insurance in Montana is a vital security measure for your business.  50% of all building sites fall victim to theft. You know that replacing those stolen items will be very costly. And that’s before you include the costs of the delays the theft has caused. Added security measures can reduce thefts, and builders are extra cautious about how they store their tools. But your business is still at risk without good insurance.


Let’s look at how Farmer Brown Insurance can provide you with cheap Builder’s Risk coverage in Montana.


Construction Insurance in Montana

Construction in Montana makes up 7.4% of the economy and has over 30,000 workers annually. Cheap Builder’s Risk insurance can protect equipment and tools stored onsite and even during transportation. Materials stolen or damaged onsite and used on the project are protected too.



More Business Years, More Industry Experience 

One of the most important aspects of finding good cheap Builder’s Risk insurance has to be industry experience. Farmer Brown Insurance has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and twenty years of experience providing insurance in Montana.  We offer a quality service too. And, you get a more affordable insurance policy with us, with coverage for all your business and project needs.


Wider Representation

When an insurance company has limited policies available, it’s a major problem, to say the least. Being able to access a wider range of policies will enable you to get good cheap Builder’s Risk insurance. Remember, if the insurer represents a wider variety of companies, the best and most cost-effective coverage can be found. Insurers with fewer resources are limited in what they can offer.


For example, an insurance provider only has three varieties of insurance policies. And the Builder’s Risk policy isn’t suitable for your company. You like the insurer but not their policies. Without more availability, you have to look elsewhere. Insurance in Montana is easy to find, but variety is an essential factor to consider. You want someone that represents companies locally and further afield. Just like Farmer Brown.  We have more resources open to us. It means you have a better opportunity to find a suitable and cheap policy with us.


Tailor-Made Insurance in Montana

Everyone needs something different. Your insurance needs are different from your competitors. That means the policy you choose has to fit your specific requirements. So, while your main concern is Builder’s Risk, you may require additional coverages, such as Workers Compensation. Getting all of your bonded needs serviced with one insurance agent saves you time, money, and is much more convenient.


For example, you need property and liability coverage in addition to cheap Builder’s Risk insurance. You pay small additional costs for these extensions, but will save money in the long-term. Insurance is easier to handle with one simple-to-understand policy.


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John Brown – President

Anything can happen on a building site. With proper coverage, you can avoid heavy financial losses and protect your business. It’s easy to find suitable cheap Builder’s Risk insurance with us. We will find you the best low-cost Insurance in Montana. Contact Farmer Brown to find Builder’s Risk Insurance. Call (888) 973-0016 to receive a free quote.

Written by: John Brown
John has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. He grew from a star insurance producer to owning one of the largest agencies in the country; he's a reference regarding contractor's insurance, commercial insurance, and builders' risk insurance.