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General Liability Insurance

The broadest policy for third party property damage or bodily injury, general liability protects your contracting business from financial ruin due to accidents affecting third parties (non-employees). General liability can cover medical and lawsuit expenses.

Coverage Provided:

  • Third party injuries
  • Property or equipment damage
  • Advertising lawsuits
Property Insurance

Property Insurance

Whether you have vacant, occupied, commercial, or residential buildings, property insurance policies can protect your company from paying for physical damage.

Coverage Provided:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Weather related damages
  • Fire
  • Installation and construction failure

Builder’s Risk

A specialized insurance policy that covers contractors and properties while a building is under renovation or ground-up construction. Builder’s risk insurance is essential for contractors to carry as other liability and property policies do not cover buildings during the construction period.

Coverage Provided:

  • Building equipment
  • Cost of construction
  • Property damage

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are used to protect all parties involved in a contractual agreement to ensure the contract’s completion. They provide a financial guarantee that the work will be fulfilled as outlined in the mutually agreed upon contract.

Types Bonds Provided:

Worker’s Compensation

Protects your business in the event of employee injury on the jobsite. Employees are not covered under general liability, therefore worker’s compensation is important to take care of your business and your employees.

Coverage Provided:

  • Medical expenses
  • Employee wages if unable to return to work
  • Lawsuit expenses
Condo asociation Insurance

Condominium Associations Insurance

Condominium Association Insurance will be used here as a blanket term used to describe many different types of community associations. There are 5 main coverages that every condo association should have:

Coverage Provided:

  • Property Coverage
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Fidelity Bond/Employee Dishonesty
  • Directors & Officers Liability Coverage
  • Building Ordinance Coverage

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