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Painters and Painting Contractors Insurance


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Painter’s Insurance

Painters often feel as though their line of work poses less risk than other contactors. While this may be true, it is wrong to assume painters do not experience liability claims. Painters work on a variety of projects that pose many types of risks. For example, interior painting versus exterior projects present different hazards. Exterior painting often requires scaffolding, ladders, and working on elevated areas of a building.

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What is Painter’s Insurance?

Painter’s insurance is a specialized form of general contractor’s insurance that is tailored towards small or large painting companies. Depending on the policy, painter’s insurance can cover a wide range of third-party claims including bodily injury, liability, and property damage. Without painter’s insurance, paying for accidents as they occur can be extremely difficult. Paying out of pocket can cost your company time, money, and your reputation.

Painter’s insurance typically only includes liability insurance policies. To insure your employees, a worker’s compensation policy is necessary.  At, we make it easy for our clients to simplify their insurance packages and save money; we can pair painter’s insurance and worker’s compensation policies together for full coverage at an affordable price. 

Is Painter’s Insurance Necessary? What does it Cover?

Legal insurance requirements vary state by state. Some require all contractors to carry a general liability policy at the minimum, while others require more coverage to sign contracts with a client. If your state does not require you to carry a general liability policy, most clients will still request proof of coverage prior to starting a project. Liability insurance may not seem necessary for painters; however, accidents do happen, and it is best to be prepared and mitigate financial harm. 

Here are some common liability claims we file for painters:



Bodily Injury to a Non-Employee

An improperly secured tool falls from your scaffolding and hits a person below

Property Damage

An employee spills a can of paint on unprotected, interior hardwood flooring

Personal Injury

Any injury that is not physical but negatively affects the reputation or emotional state of a third-party individual

Advertising Injury

Any false claims or direct attacks made against a third party, as in libel or copyright infringement

Medical Payments

A client’s child access paint thinner left unattended by your company and must be rushed to the hospital


How much does Painter’s Insurance Cost?

A tFarmer Bronw, we individualize insurance policies based on our clients’ unique and personal needs. For this reason, the cost of painter’s insurance varies greatly between clients. Painting insurance may not pose as many risks to insurance carriers, but policies are still necessary and might come at a more affordable price. We assess many factors when determining the cost and coverage of a policy:

  • Size of business: A greater number of employees increases the odds of an accident occurring, which can then increase the cost of an insurance policy.
  • Business Location: Varying state/regional laws surrounding insurance requirements could affect the cost of your policy. Additionally, the location of projects could influence the cost of painter’s insurance.
  • Company’s Claims History: In general, the fewer claims your company has experienced will result in a more affordable policy.
  • Age of Company: Insurance agencies have an easier time establishing trust with older companies. Length of business proves trustworthiness, quality of work, and client satisfaction. Age is not everything but will likely lower the perceived risk in the eyes of an insurance agency.

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