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Plumbing Insurance for Contractors


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Plumbing Insurance for Contractors

Plumbers insurance

Plumbers Insurance

Finding affordable insurance that provides the coverage you need can be difficult in the plumbing industry. At Farmer Brown, insuring the construction industry is one of our specialties. Our team of agents are experts in the complex requirements contractors need to commit to new projects and grow their business. We understand the risks faced by plumbers may require a different coverage than other contractors; therefore, we have crafted specialized insurance packages and policies tailored to suit various needs.

Throughout our years aiding contractors with insurance policies, we have learned that no two clients have the same insurance requirements. We craft policies for our clients based on their individualized needs to address company size, risk assessments, project requirements, and location. We offer the best plumbing insurance packages for both large and small businesses, independent contractors, and the self-employed.

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General Liability Insurance for Plumbers

Most contractors are required to carry a general liability policy either by a client or by the state. General liability insurance protects your business from lawsuits and financial harm if an accident were to occur to third party property or bodily injury while on the jobsite. 

In many plumbing insurance packages, other policies are needed to supplement general liability. To understand how to fully cover your business, let’s look at some of the other insurance policies recommended for plumbing contractors.


What Policies does Plumbing Insurance Cover?

Plumbing insurance can include a variety of policies including general liability, workers compensation, professional liability, commercial auto, and more. No two plumbing insurance policies are the same because our policies are tailored directly towards our clients’ specific needs.

Standard plumbing insurance includes general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance.

For companies with hired employees or subcontractors, workers’ compensation allows employers to cover medical expenses and wages if an employee is injured on the job and cannot return to work.

Business owner’s policy (BOP) is an additional liability policy that includes property protection. Business owners’ policies are typically a broader general liability policy that can include endorsements and other add-ons, however, can be less flexible with coverage. 

How Much does Plumbing Insurance Cost?

Plumbing insurance can vary in costs just as it varies in coverage. The cost of plumbing insurance depends on the size of your company, the policies needed, and coverage limits necessary to protect your business against risks. At Farmer Brown, we browse the best insurance carriers in the nation to find you the best coverage at an affordable cost.

Is Plumbing Insurance Required?

In many areas, state law mandates contractors to carry general liability insurance. Additionally, commercial auto insurance is among other policies that might be required by the government for a business to legally operate. While your state or client may require certain policies, additional coverage might be recommended to guarantee adequate coverage for your business. The best way to confirm your coverage meets the industry’s requirements and recommendations is by using a knowledgeable agent when choosing insurance policies.

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