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While the construction business is risk-inherent, the threat posed by Covid-19 is one that was entirely unanticipated.  The global pandemic has resulted in supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, reduced workplace productivity and consumer unease. As a Painting Contractor, how should you react in this time of uncertainty? How can you properly utilize your time to prepare your business for a post Covid-19 comeback? Crises do occur. As a business owner, resilience comes from responding appropriately to crisis.

In this article, we will talk you through 7 business tips for Painting Contractors.  Let’s get stuck in with some proactive advice for times of crisis, such as Covid-19.


7 Business Tips for Painting Contractors in Times of Crisis

  • Strengthen your digital presence

The spare time you have on your hands can be well utilized in strengthening your digital presence. Now is the time to update your website, improve your email marketing, and engage on social media platforms.


  • Engage existing clients 

While you may be unable to complete pending projects, keep the conversation going with current clients. Email is a great way of letting your client know they remain a priority for you. Be empathetic with your outreach.  Consider your clients possibly also have their own plates full at the moment.


  • Reconnect with old, unaddressed leads 

In preparation for the possibility of less demand post Covid-19, re-engage with old leads to drum up business. You may have sidelined them because of time constraints or other factors. Now is the time to re-ignite that conversation.


  • Get regular updates from general contractors you work with 

If you are working with a general contractor as a sub-contractor, it is vital to get regular updates on schedule changes. Your general contractor probably has to push forward project dates due to Covid-19 lockdowns. To adjust your schedule and financial projections, be sure to contact your GC regularly.


  • Prepare for supply chain disruptions and increased material prices 

Since one-third of building material supplies in America are sourced from China, there is a strong likelihood your business will experience supply chain disruptions. Take this time to communicate with your suppliers and identify where shortfalls may be. Look at how a lack of materials might impact your pricing models. Review your pricing plans and business projections for adjustments you may need to make.


  • Source for local alternatives

Your painting contractor business may suffer material shortages because of supply chain disruptions. Use this time to source for local alternatives. Factor in possible delivery schedules and pricing.  Look at the impact this will have on your business performance.


  • Renew or update insurance

How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect your Builder’s Risk coverage on active contracts? Do you need additional coverage? Schedule a call with Farmer Brown now and find out.


Secure Your Business From The Unexpected – Post Covid-19

At Farmer Brown, we help you secure your business from the unexpected with the best construction insurance for you. Life must go on. If you take the right measures now, you prepare your business to bounce back faster and on a steadier footing. Challenges and crises are the nature of business. What you need to do is adapt to situations, and find opportunities even in extremely difficult circumstances.

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