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Farmer brown  is an online insurance brokerage specializing in small business and personal lines insurance. We were started in 1996 and focus on the insurance needs of the Hispanic community through out the United States; therefore, our business is done in English and Spanish. We currently have 3 offices in United States, Philippines and Peru with a 4th office opening in Cartagena Colombia.

The Job

We are a small business and are looking to fill a few positions from Web Design to Telemarketing and Customer Service. Most importantly, we are looking for well educated, positive energy people that want to grow in their career. Our average employee in the United States has stayed 8 years and almost all of our employees in Peru/Philippines have been there since inception. Our goal is not to pay offshore people as low as possible; but to pay fair and keep people for a long time.

Our Venezuela Vision

Many of you are seeing this page that currently live in Venezuela and found us on Facebook. After spending much time in South America and meeting many Venezuelans, I feel for the difficult (to say the least) times you are going through. This being said, our thinking is there are many highly qualified people in Venezuela with little money and opportunity, despite being excellent candidates for employment. This being said, I feel it can be a great opportunity for my business to attract highly qualified talent, while also giving a select group a “Hand up” during this difficult time. Our business has currently rented a 6 bedroom house in Cartagena, Colombia that is close to our office and our goal is to provide our new employees a fresh start with housing and a signing bonus for transportation.


Please take the skills test below. If you are energetic, bi-lingual and well educated, and we will reach out to you within 2 days. You may also email your resume to [email protected] or attach your resume to the test below. All candidates must take the skills test to be considered.

Take the Skills Test

Take the Test

Hint: Please take as fast as possible for test is only 20 minutes and you are only graded on number of correct answers. You are welcome to take the test twice.

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