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Why do Construction insurance companies provide Builder’s Risk coverage for roofers?  Because it will protect your business from financial losses.  You may work on short-term projects with quick turnaround times. Furthermore, the truth is, damage and loss on a construction site can happen on the first day on-site. No matter how long or short your roofing project is, you can experience damages or loss. As a result, without Builder’s Risk coverage, you will most likely pay for these out of your own pocket. Construction insurance companies will provide you with the appropriate cover at minimal cost.  This reduces the risks to your roofing contractor business.


2 Reasons Why Roofers Need Builder’s Risk

  • Roofers need Builder’s Risk coverage to get contracts from project owners

Builder’s Risk insurance is not mandatory by law. But, project owners prefer working with contractors who have this policy in place. Your Builder’s Risk coverage provides the project owner with reassurance.  If there is damage or loss to the roof during construction, there will be sufficient monetary compensation to rebuild and repair it. Therefore, the project can be completed successfully.

As a roofing contractor, you offer stronger appeal to a project owner if you have Builder’s Risk coverage. Therefore, the best construction insurance companies will provide you with adequate coverage for each project at the most agreeable cost.



  • General contractors prefer to work with roofers who have Builder’s Risk

If you are hired by a general contractor as a sub-contractor on a roofing contract, the GC will sometimes require that you have your own Builder’s Risk coverage. A GC would prefer to work with a roofing contractor who already has their own coverage. This is so they don’t need to add you to their insurance. As such, this means they pay lower premiums.


How Much Does Builder’s Risk Coverage Cost?

Construction insurance companies normally charge between 1% and 4% of the project cost for Builder’s Risk coverage. They will factor in location, scale and duration of the project. Also, the nature of materials to be used, as well as whether the project is a renovation or a new-build.

Moreover, It is recommended that as a roofing contractor, you insure up to 100% of the value of the project cost. If you insure for a lower value (co-insure), you will be expected to pay a dollar amount towards repairs, before you can receive a reimbursement from the insurance company.


How To Calculate Co-Insurance Payments

The general formula for working co-insurance payments is as follows:

Insured amount/replacement costs*amount of claims = settlement.

The lower your insured amount, the lower your settlement and the greater the sum you pay out of pocket.


Construction Insurance Companies Offer Builder’s Risk 

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