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Waterproofing insurance comes in handy when something goes wrong just like with any other type of contractors insurance and general contractors insurance. While it may not be legally required on the state you live in to have this type of insurance, it’s a smart idea to have in case of an accident occurs with your company.


What is Waterproofing Insurance?

Waterproofing insurance is a type of general liability insurance that will cover different types of damage that may occur on the job created by your company. Waterproofing companies that do work in waterproofing such as porch/deck work, basements, foundations, etc. are recommended to have waterproofing insurance.

Contractors Liability is the right choice for your business because we offer packages that include your individual company’s needs, we’re affordable, we’re trusted names in the insurance industry, and we’re experienced and licensed professionals.


What’s covered when you choose Contractors Liability for Waterproofing insurance?

  • Injuries to the body
  • Damages to the property
  • Personal injury
  • Advertising injury
  • Medical payments

If someone at your company is at fault for an injury obtained by a third party, waterproofing insurance will cover your business. You will also be covered if someone from your business doesn’t do the entire job, and the bad quality job shows. If there are any changes (damages) made to the property, whether intentional or unintentional, your company will have the proper coverage.

If your company includes sensitive information in a campaign regarding a client, this client has the right to file a lawsuit against your waterproofing company, which means you’ll need waterproofing insurance to be covered. You will have coverage for any medical bills that an injured third party has from an injury due to your project.


Contractors Liability

Contractors Liability specializes in providing insurance for handymen, contractors, and landscapers alike. We help businesses customize their plans for coverage that is specific to the trade. Contact Contractors Liability at 866-225-1959 today to get a free quote


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