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When it comes to insurance, Builders Risk for roofers in Washington is a strong move to protect your business from losses during the course of construction of a building.  Washington roofers during Coronavirus are facing the challenge of business closures, including most construction. Residential construction has been deemed non-essential and works in progress have been boarded up until such a time when state leadership considers it safe for workers to get back on site.


As a roofing contractor working in the state, this has probably had a huge impact on your business. How can your business cope with delays, interruptions, closures, material supply and labor shortages?


Is Builders Risk For Roofers In Washington Different Than In Other states?

You might be asking yourself; “Does my Builders Risk for roofers in Washington give coverage for business Interruption?”  Since most construction has come to a standstill in the state, delays on original timelines are inevitable. In this case your Builders Risk coverage might compensate you for losses due to covered delays.

However, this depends on your particular policy. For example, does your policy have virus and pandemic exclusions? An insurance company like Farmer Brown can help you with this.

Make sure you keep detailed documentation of how delays are impacting your roofing contracting business. These delays may be from closures, labor shortages, delayed materials, supplies, or delays in licensing or approvals because government offices are closed.


Is My Builders Risk Coverage Futureproof?

When does your Builders Risk expire? A Builders Risk policy will last between 6 to 12 months. In the event that the Washington State’s business closures are extended, your current coverage may expire before the actual construction is completed. Consult with your insurance provider on how you can extend your coverage based on changing timelines on your roofing construction projects.


Upgrading Your Builders Risk Coverage

You might also be asking; “Is Builders Risk for roofers in Washington worth upgrading?”  Another concern you may have is whether the value of your current coverage will be adequate when you resume construction after lockdowns are lifted. This is a genuine concern as construction material prices are anticipated to rise with the continued supply chain disruptions.

You need to keep an eye on escalation of construction material prices. If they occur, start the process of revaluing projects. Where there is a significant change in project costs, talk with your insurance provider on what adjustments need to be made to your Builders Risk coverage so you are adequately covered.


A closed-down construction site is vulnerable to weather elements, vandalism and theft. You may have taken steps to secure incomplete construction sites such as boarding up and moving materials off-site. But, it is still important to get Builders Risk coverage to protect you against unavoidable losses.


Builders Risk For Roofers In Washington

Farmer Brown Insurance has seasoned agents in Washington State ready to put their knowledge and expertise to use.  We will prepare your roofing contractor’s business with the right-priced Builders Risk insurance. Our agents will get you a free quote within as little as an hour.  And an insurance certificate in no more than four hours.

Take advantage of our expertise and access to markets for the best Builders Risk for roofers in Washington. Call Farmer Brown Insurance (888) 973-0016 today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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