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Protect your roofers profits in Sacramento, CA with great Builder’s Risk insurance.  Sacramento roofing is a risky operation, with high costs. Average installations hit almost $9000. You take steps to safeguard your work and your employees. In all honesty, are your profits safe too?

Builder’s Risk is a specialized coverage which can protect against the higher risk of loss roofers face. Fire, wind and other external events pose real threats to your work and equipment. Let’s look at 4 ways Builder’s Risk can maximize profits and keep those hard-won earnings safe.


4 Tips to Protect Your Roofers Profits 

1. Builder’s Risk Protects Against Theft

Site theft is a risk for all contractors. Construction loses between $300 million and $1 billion dollars a year to stolen property.  And roofers are extra-exposed. Moreover, to protect your roofers profits in Sacramento, CA, you will benefit from Builder’s Risk insurance. Your policy can be extended for your gear stored at a temporary location, too.  At Farmer Brown Insurance, we have licensed professionals who specialize exclusively in construction insurance. Hence, we’ll make sure you get the best deal on a policy that gives you coverage what you need it to.


2.  Cleanup Costs

Work done from heights poses higher risks of spillage and scattered debris. In an earthquake-prone area, it’s not hard to imagine what this means for roofers. Therefore, your Builder’s Risk policy can give coverage for the costly removal of debris. Additionally, low rainfall and hazardous materials like tar mean toxic fumes are a potent threat in densely populated metro areas.

Pollutant cleanup is another huge cost covered by a simple extension to your Builder’s Risk.  To protect your roofers’ profits in Sacramento, CA , you need an agent who understands the area. We’re licensed in California and know what you face. We’ll make sure your policy is adapted correctly.


3. On the Road

With over 3000 injury-causing accidents a year and an estimated 41% of roads in poor condition, Sacramento streets are risky no matter how safely you drive. City zoning laws leave new builds in a slump. Much of your work comes from shorter renovation jobs. This means more time on the road shuttling your expensive equipment.

Your Builder’s Risk policy is a great step to protect your roofers profits in Sacramento, CA particularly, because it can give coverage for your property in transit.


4. Going Green

California is a pioneer in green construction. The state consistently ranks in the Green Building Council’s top 10 states for sustainable projects – 521 in 2019. Helping secure the most clients possible, a green building extension to your Builder’s Risk is an excellent way to safeguard earnings and keep them coming in.

CALGreen is one of the nation’s first green codes to have serious authority over contractors. Builder’s Risk can also protect your business against changes to ordinance or law. So you won’t lose money if forced to adapt to new working practices.



Protect Your Roofers Profits in Sacramento, CA

Builder’s Risk can be a crucial line of defense for roofers, but it depends on finding  the best policy. Farmer Brown Insurance has an A+ rating with BBB and over 20 years of experience. We know the Sacramento market. We’ll get you several fast, no-obligation quotes and then help you choose the best.

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