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Are you aware that 8.6 per 100,000 painters sustain fatal injuries at work and trigger their Insurance Coverage for Painters? As a painter, you are involved in the final touches of a project. A fresh coat of paint protects buildings from mold, water damage, rust, insects, and corrosion. But what protects you and your business?


In 2016 alone, painters reported 50 fatal injuries and 3,530 non-fatal-injuries. Apart from the injuries you or your client might sustain, damages can occur within the building. Therefore, Insurance Coverage for Painters is a workplace necessity. 


Having Painters Insurance Coverage can help you drum up more business. Property owners or general contractors will be more comfortable letting you work on their projects, knowing that you have insurance. 



The Types of Insurance Coverage for Painters

Different accidents and mishaps can occur during a painting project. And if they do, various insurance policies will suit different situations. Let’s assume you are working on a residential property with a family of four living in it. Here are the different types of insurance coverage you can have, and the sort of accidents that might trigger them. 


  • Contractor General Liability Insurance – Your Contractor General Liability Insurance covers property damage and bodily injury. Imagine that while you are working in a residential property, the owners’ toddler trips over your can of paint and breaks a bone. Or, you damage a valuable piece of furniture while moving a ladder. Your Contractor General Liability Insurance will cover these sorts of damages. Most clients now request this coverage before they hire you to work on their property.


  • Workers Compensation Insurance – Your Workers Compensation Insurance will pay for all medical expenses and lost wages if your employee is injured or killed in the course of a project. For example, your worker is painting the window frames on the upper floor of the residential property when he falls and breaks his leg. Your Insurance Coverage for Painters will pay for his medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and part of the income he lost while recovering. Moreover, most states in the USA require you to have Workers Compensation insurance by law.   


  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Commercial Auto Insurance protects at-fault accidents. If you or one of your employees causes damage or injury while moving items in a business vehicle or for any other business purposes, this is the right type of coverage. Also, it protects business-owned cars from damage or theft.



Tips to Applying for Insurance Coverage for Painters

While there is a lot for you to consider when you purchase Insurance Coverage for Painters, here are a few tips to guide you in making the right decision: 

  • Have all the information regarding your business at hand to get the best quote. This can include your annual revenue, or the types of painting jobs you mostly do.  
  • Explore options on minimum policies but also consider higher limits. In most cases, you do not need to pay twice as much to get double coverage. We can help!


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John Brown – President

For help and advice about the best sort of coverage at the best price, contact Farmer Brown Insurance. Call (888) 973-0016 to get all the help you need. 

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