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In this article, let’s talk you through some top Liability Insurance advice for contractors.  Risk mitigation takes many forms. You protect your contractor business by sticking to recommended safety guidelines on construction sites. In addition, you protect your reputation by following codes and procedures.

All the same, the risk of accidents still remains. It makes sense to pass on this risk to a third party. Then you can go about your business with confidence. Passing on risk means getting an insurance company to have your back in case of accidents or loses.

What Liability Insurance Advice For Contractors Can We Give You?

Here are our top 3 liability insurance advice for contractors that will protect your construction business from losses and damaging claims.

  • Safety measures keep your premiums low

As a contractor, you understand the value of keeping a safe construction site. In America, 1 in 4 workplace accidents happen on construction sites. Remind your employees of the importance of observing safety protocols. If you minimize accidents because your site is safe, you make fewer claims and grow a better reputation. This can mean lower premiums for you.

  • Know what is covered

A Liability Insurance cover will only compensate you for claims made against you by your client or third parties. If you cause damage to your client’s property during a construction job, your insurance will compensate your client on your behalf.

If you or your employee cause damage to third party property or injury to a person while on the construction site, your insurance will also compensate them on your behalf. Without Liability Insurance, you will be forced to pay out of your own pocket.

Liability insurance coverage 

  • Third party claims to bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Harm to reputation
  • Advertising mistakes
  • Medical payments
  • Premises rented by you in the course of the construction

Additional insurance coverage 

Sometimes loss or injury is not covered by your General Liability insurance. Be aware of the following

  • Damage is done to the structure or materials during construction. General Liability does not compensate. For this you need a Builder’s Risk insurance.
  • Your employee is involved in a collision in a work vehicle, or causes damage to your vehicle or other property. General Liability does not compensate. For this, you need a Commercial Auto insurance cover.
  • Your employee gets injured on the construction site and needs medical attention. General Liability does not compensate. For this you need a Workers Compensation cover.


Choose a reputable and reliable liability provider

In the first place, Farmer Brown Insurance has the knowledge, expertise, experience and market reach. So we get you the best cover at the lowest cost. Secondly, our A+ rating is a testament to outstanding customer service. In addition, give our customers the best Liability Insurance advice for contractors. You also get a free, no obligation quote in under one hour. Last but not least, you will have a certificate of insurance in four hours or less. So call Farmer Brown Insurance today on (888) 973-0016.

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