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Texas framers during Coronavirus are taking stock of their insurance requirements. The construction industry was thriving last year with spending in commercial projects totaling more than $20.9 billion. Coronavirus is slowing down some projects and the impact is still to be quantified.


It makes sense to be ready and maximize your return on your future projects.  Builder’s Risk for Framing Contractors is a way in which you can do this. In this article we’ll talk about how Texas framers during Coronavirus can benefit from this coverage.


What Is Builder’s Risk For Framing Contractors?

Builder’s Risk is specialized coverage applicable to certain types of projects, and certain professionals and trades.  The typical  types of projects Builder’s Risk applies to includes:

  • The renovation of existing buildings
  • The building of new buildings or structures
  • Remodeling the interior of a building
  • Making changes to the structure of a building


Who Benefits From Builder’s Risk?

The above are the types of projects that Texas framers during Coronavirus are involved in. To be eligible you need to have two years’ experience in your area of building expertise.

Other businesses that purchase this type of insurance include general contractors, builders, developers, and homeowners. Professionals such as architects, engineers and funders also frequently choose Builder’s Risk insurance.


Why Have Builder’s Risk Coverage?

Mitigation of risk is important in all ventures where you invest your time and money. Builder’s Risk requires that you identify the types of risks you could encounter and have a contingency plan. Or a means of transferring the risk to another party. This is what Builder’s Risk insurance provides to you.  You customize your policy to your business or particular project.  Your policy has a commencement date and an end date and is for the duration of the building process.


Get The Coverage You Need

Typically, Your Builder’s Risk policy is for 3, 6 or 9 months. But it can be extended if necessary. Speak to the experts when you get your Builder’s Risk for Framing Contractors, so you get the coverage you need.  Risks to include could be the theft of tools, vandalism to the structure, damage to equipment, or the impact of adverse weather events.  Your business and project are unique, and your policy should be tailored for you.


Insurance For Texas Framers During Coronavirus

Some of your projects may have slowed down due to Coronavirus. This gives you some time to give attention to aspects of your business-like insurance.  Builder’s Risk insurance is not mandatory, but it gives many advantages to a business. It indicates to clients that you are a professional. It shows you are responsible and able to look after their project and will be able to account for accidents or events that happen on site.


Get Your Builder’s Risk Today

John Brown President Farmer Brown Insurance (888) 973 0016

John Brown – President

There is some uncertainty in the future, but there is also opportunity.  Texas Framers during Coronavirus can be ready to take advantage of these. Speak to our experts at Farmer Brown for a tailored policy for your business.  Call Farmer Brown on  (888) 973-0016.

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