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Why you should always have your business vehicles covered by commercial auto insurance

Vehicles provide your employees with a great opportunity to show up on front of both – potential and regular customers and, what is more, to deliver your products where they should go. Nonetheless, unlike the oversight and insight you have on your everyday business activities, the other (sometimes crazy enough) drivers, weather and road conditions are 100% out of your personal control. Any sort of bodily injuries – including the ones caused by the passengers, the other drivers or pedestrians – for which you’re responsible, or any damage sustained to other property or vehicles, can easily ruin your business and make a huge hole in your financial statement.
Whether you make use of your own vehicle or a couple of pickups or even box trucks in order to have all the business tasks completed, Commercial Auto is there to keep your business, you and your employees under protection. Each part of your job on the road will be provided with all the aspects needed for the bright future – personal medical/injury protection, liability, collision and comprehensive coverage and many more – everything to make your business constantly moving forward.

Customized to your individual business demands and needs, Commercial Auto Insurance provides you with various options for the autos of your own, rent for business purposes or lease use. Besides, in case your employees use their own autos in order to make sales visits, deliver goods to where they have to be delivered, or run various errands for your business purposes, you, as the business owner, could be liable for any accident they may cause.

Commercial Auto Insurance is there to provide you with the policies that will comply with your demands. Your personal Commercial Auto Insurance agent will help you to decide what coverage limits and deductible amounts will suit your situation the best way possible and provide you with a Commercial Auto Insurance quote. Moreover, we are ready to land you a helping hand with your other business needs.



Coverage Options Provided within the Commercial Auto Insurance:

Property Damage Liability Coverage

It is related to the payments for the damages due to property damage to the others that you’re responsible for. In case you happen to be sued, it also covers your court and defense costs.


Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Pays various damages that are related to the bodily injuries to others that you take responsibility for. Court and defense costs included.

Personal Medical/Injury Payments

Usually the payments are related to medical/funeral expenses for bodily damage to a covered individual sustained in the accident in your vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage

Pays for a covered vehicle that is damaged (by the causes other than upset or collision) or stolen.
Collision Coverage – Payments are related to the damages caused by upset or collision with the other object.



What % of a covered loss would you like to pay?

The deductible is the covered loss portion that is your personal responsibility. Let’s say, if you had a $400 deductible, you would face with the necessity to pay $400 of a covered loss.



How high the liability coverage limits should be?

It is impossible to give an exact prediction on how much money you would have to pay in case of an accident. Just ask yourself the following question – how much $ you would be willing to pay for any sort of damages that exceed your coverage limits? Remember, the higher the limits on the commercial auto insurance, the more likely your policy will have an opportunity to pay damages.



Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Pays for the injuries and (in some cases) property damage when you’re caught up in an accident with the other individual, who is not insured or whose available limits are less than the ones you select to carry for this very coverage. You won’t believe when you hear the amount of people who carry only minimum limits. Are you willing to have the same coverage that you’re giving the other individual?



What Commercial Auto Insurance Covers:

Commercial Auto Insurance service that we render is designed especially to cover any of the vehicles mentioned below and used for the business purposes:

SUVs and regular cars
Utility vans
Pickup, box trucks
Catering trucks
Stakebed trucks
Bucket trucks
Refrigerator trucks
Light weight and medium weight dump trucks, etc.

To add more, Commercial Auto Insurance is provided to solidly protect what is in your autos. Whether you deal with expensive equipment or specialized tools required to accomplish the job or goods that should be delivered within the set deadline, Commercial Auto Insurance can provide the coverage you’re in need of to feel absolutely protected.
Make sure to get in touch with the Commercial Auto Insurance agents, who can create a tailored insurance solution that will 100% meet your business specific needs.



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