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Contractor Liability Coverage is something you need to have for your company.  It is a legal requirement in many states. You shouldn’t consider it a grudge purchase, however. This coverage provides you with valuable protection for your business. Also, most clients want to see proof that you have it before hiring your company. This is because it also protects them from financial risk.

There are ways that you can get the most from Contractor Liability Coverage. Let’s take a look at how to do this.


Tailor your policy

Your business is unique. You have a set of services and skills. It makes sense for your insurance to reflect this.  A tailored policy will give you the specific protection your company needs.  You will pay for only what you need, and not waste money on things you don’t require.  A one-size-fits-all approach is not the best way. Also, don’t go for the cheapest policy.  Get one that gives you the right coverage for your business, at the lowest possible rate.


Know your coverage

Contractor Liability Coverage serves a specific purpose.  It assists you with claims for causing bodily injury or property damage to a third party.  In particular, it assists you with the following:


  • Claims of Bodily Injury

This coverage assists with medical costs. It is also coverage for the costs of a lawsuit if your company is responsible for causing bodily injury to a person.


  • Claims of Third-Party Property Damage

You or your employees could damage the property of another. This could be damage to a neighboring building or the property you are working on. This coverage assists with the cost of repair and legal costs.


  • Claims of Damage to Reputation

Have done or said something that has damaged the reputation of another?  They may suffer a financial loss.  An example would be through libel or slander.


  • Advertising and Copyright Mistakes

You are in danger of being sued if you make a mistake in your advertising  An example is using the brand of a supplier when you do not have the authority or permission to do so.  This could result in a lawsuit.


Read the small print

An insurance policy comes with many details.  Your coverage will have limits.  There could also be deductibles.  A policy may have particular exclusions. It is important to read your policy carefully. Many business owners are guilty of quickly skimming through the document so they have a general idea of what it contains.  The detail is important, however.  Know what you are covered for up-front so you can make informed choices that protect you in the future.


Contractor Liability does not  protect you from all the risks you face

Your Contractor Liability Coverage is not the only coverage you need.  This policy will not protect employees injured at work. Remember, it only covers third-party claims. Neither does it protect your property or vehicles; additional coverage is required.  It is advisable to have Professional Liability coverage to protect your business from claims of poor workmanship, advice, or design.


Get tailored Contractor Liability Coverage from Farmer Brown Insurance

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Farmer Brown Insurance offers tailored coverage. We are industry experts with over 15 years of experience. We work with a network of A-rated carriers. Call Farmer Brown Insurance on (888) 973-0016. We will get you an insurance solution that works for your business.

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