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Drywall accidents happen frequently in construction and contractor work. It’s extremely important to know why you should have general contractors insurance for your business in order to protect your company of any lawsuits that may cause your business to shut down. If you have insurance, you will be saving yourself time and money if an accident occurs.

Drywall Accidents

Passersby and pedestrians can be injured by drywall if it falls on top of them, which means your business will be responsible for those injuries. Medical bills will come if the person has been injured severely, and your business will have to pay for them. This can cost your company thousands of dollars, which will ultimately set you back quite a bit.

Damage to the property, personal damage to someone’s reputation, and sensitive advertising materials regarding a client in your campaign are all subject to lawsuits and issues with your business if you are not insured.

To avoid this train wreck that may cause major problems with your business, get Drywall Contractors Insurance with Farmer Brown Insurance Agency.

What We Can Offer and More!

With Drywall Contractors Insurance, you’ll also want to get some worker’s compensation and an umbrella insurance package that will include everything you need as a drywall contractor.

  • General contractors insurance
  • Drywall liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Umbrella Insurance

Not only is drywall liability insurance important to help protect your business if a third party files a suit against you, but worker’s compensation is also very important to your employees and your business. With worker’s compensation, you’re making sure your workers are taken care of in case they are injured on the job.

Farmer Brown Insurance Agency

Farmer Brown Insurance Agency provides small businesses with specialized insurance coverage tailored to your business. We can offer single policy plans for liability insurance, surety bonds, certificates of insurance, and comprehensive insurance packages that cover you and your clients. Contact Farmer Brown Insurance Agency at 88-973-0016



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