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Building under construction insurance is essential to protect the structure you’re building. Included is also the equipment you are using to build it. We’re talking about everything from fire through hail, vandalism and theft.

According to an analysis of over 13,000 claims by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, fire accounts for over a quarter (27%) of construction losses by value. They impact structures as well as specialized equipment. And this is just fire! How can you protect yourself from such high risk?



Building Under Construction Insurance aka Builder’s Risk

Builder’s Risk Insurance is also known as course of construction insurance. It’s the go-to policy to mitigate potential losses from such scenarios. However, with natural catastrophes also becoming a major cause of loss in construction projects, insurance premiums can often become too expensive.

We are building insurance specialists. We’re familiar with the risks you face as a small business in a dangerous industry. We know that you need a deal that fits your business and your budget.

Our reputation as trusted providers of building under construction insurance in the US is based on over two decades of helping businesses like yours protect their specialized construction equipment. Here’s why you need to get insured today.



3 Reasons to get building under construction insurance

• Protect your equipment

Your building material and equipment is not only at risk of damage while at the construction site. It’s also while in transit. Builder’s Risk coverage includes protection for materials, labor costs, and other financial loss arising from theft or vandalism

• Protection against delays

project costs can increase markedly if construction is delayed . If not stored appropriately, your expensive equipment will also be at greater risk. Your insurance policy, however, will shield you from such expenses. If needed, our agents can also add related soft costs such as expenses for architects, lawyers, and expediters to your policy.

• Protection against clean-up costs

If an accident does happen at the construction site, the cost of cleaning up debris can be huge. This can cause delays which will lead to further losses. An accident at the project site can cause pollutants to be released that damage nearby land or water. In such a situation, you will be required to decontaminate the area before resuming work on your project. Your building under construction insurance policy will cover your costs if such a situation arises.



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