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What is the Illinois Condominium Property Act.?

The Legislature of Illinois has enacted a series of Statutes know As the Illinois Condominium Property Act (ICPA). These provisions are applicable to all condominium associations in the State of Illinois, most other States have similar acts. These provisions set the minimum guidelines that all Associations must comply with. There are four key Parts of the ICPA as set forth below.


  1. ELECTRONIC DELIVERY OF NOTICES– New Sections of the ICPA allow Condominium Boards to adopt rules permitting delivery of notices by email to to those members of the Association that agree to receieve those communications electronically. The board must lawfully adopt this rule for it to have effect. This will also allow, upon adoption, the use of electronically submitted ballots and proxy to conduct board elections.
  2. INSURANCE– As of June 1, 2015 all insurance policies issued to Condominium Associations require full insurable replacement cost of the property including any increase in building costs due to building code requirements. This coverage must also include demolition cost coverage. Another important change is that all Associations must carry directors and officers liability coverage to protect volunteer directors and officers, in addition coverage must also be provided for all non monetary claims. The policy must include coverage for all past, present and future board members.









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