King William Historic District

The King William Historic District is a beautiful tree-shaded neighborhood where you can stroll and view the historic homes. It is located at 701 King William St, San Antonio, TX 78204. The area is known for its turn-of-the-century and Victorian homes. Each one carries its own unique character and history. Here, you can see a mixture of Victorian and Greek Revival homes.

One of the oldest houses in the King William Historic District is the Steves House, built in 1876 by German immigrant Edward Steves. Steves served as a prominent political and financial figure in the city. This home contains thirteen-inch thick walls and was once home to the first indoor swimming pool in San Antonio.

The King William area was originally farmland that was part of the Mission San Antonio de Valero. In the 1840s, German immigrants moved to the area became known as Sauerkraut Bend. In 1967, a local organization called the King William Association was formed to oversee the neighborhood’s restoration. The area was designated as an official historic district in San Antonio. It is the oldest such district in the state of Texas.

The neighborhood is home to many enchanting Victorian homes. The King William Association is a nonprofit organization that helps coordinate the conservation efforts. Many of these homes have been restored and converted into bed and breakfasts. However, the association does not endorse this practice. The residents of the area are proud of the district and work diligently to maintain the historic integrity of the neighborhood.

The Oge House was built in the mid-1800s. It has survived the elements and has also been the site of paranormal activity. In 1991, Sharrie Magatagen bought the property, intending to turn it into an inn. However, when she started renovating it, she began to feel a supernatural presence. She would photograph shadowy images from the corner of her eye and notice reflections in the kitchen.

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To become an official historic district, the city council designates it through an ordinance. The ordinance is written in accordance with federal and state laws. Once designated, the city council will decide whether to include the property. The process can take several years. However, it is worth the effort and investment. In order to become a designated district, a site must have at least 51% approval.

The area’s rich history is evident in many of the historic buildings. During the early nineteenth century, a number of pioneers settled in the area. The city’s riverfront was an important source of irrigation. The river is lined with historic buildings. The San Antonio River’s irrigation canal is a significant landmark. More

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