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Building Under Construction insurance can protect your contractor business when vandals get into your job site. This senseless crime can cause damage that runs into tens of thousands of dollars.  Whilst you can take steps to secure your site, it still occurs with annoying frequency.  Subsequently, could Builder’s Risk Insurance be the solution that protects your business?


How big a problem is vandalism? 

Vandalism is a widespread and frequent problem on construction sites all over the country.  There’re varied reasons why intruders senselessly cause damage to your building project. It’s an anonymous crime where individuals play out their frustration, boredom or anger.  Thus, their reasons for committing these destructive acts can be different but the outcome for you is the same: delays and costs.


Can You Stop Vandalism?

On large construction sites efforts are normally made to secure the site.  This can include 24 hour security, high chain-link perimeter fences, good communication with neighbors, and even rewards for information leading to arrests.  Smaller sites with less security are often targeted, and as a result, small contractors can suffer many losses.


Even with these efforts the fact remains that vandalism (and its close friend, theft) still happen. In many instances, especially with theft, these crimes happen with the help of inside information.


So if you can’t stop it what can you do?


Building Under Construction Insurance Can Help

Builder’s Risk Insurance is property coverage for certain types of construction projects.  These include the construction of new buildings, as well as the renovation and restructuring of existing ones. Moreover, this can range from huge commercial projects, to the renovation of a home.


Vandalism and theft are just two of the events that Builder’s Risk Insurance covers.  Other items included in your coverage are:


  • Fire damage
  • Protection of equipment like HVAC systems
  • Damage from weather events like high winds or hail
  • Debris removal and clean up after contamination
  • Protection from loss of profits caused by delays


As a result, Building under construction insurance means you won’t have to pay the costs from your own pocket when these events occur.


Are all of these events included in your policy?

A Builder’s Risk Insurance policy’s customized to your needs.  There may be standard items included; some items are added by endorsement; and there may be exclusions you should be aware of.


It is best to discuss the different policy options with an expert agent.  Theft and vandalism are commonly added to a policy.  Consider the equipment and tools you have and discuss with your agent the coverage you will need.


Get building under construction insurance with Farmer Brown 

John Brown President Farmer Brown Insurance (888) 973 0016

John Brown – President

When vandals damage your site it can result in delays and cost overruns. Speak with an agent at Farmer Brown Insurance to get your Builder’s Risk Insurance policy.  Our professional team will tailor a policy for your unique business.  You’ll love our onboarding service and when you need to claim, we’ll be there 24/7 to assist.  Call Farmer Brown Insurance on (888) 973-0016.

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