Your construction site might have several unique challenges. In which case, Builder’s Risk policy extensions will be required to make sure these risks are covered.  Just like the Varso Tower currently under construction in Warsaw. They estimate that the tower will be 310 meters tall when it is complete in 2021. Working at such heights brings about challenges that many other sites don’t have.


You can find peace of mind when you know the details in the fine print of your policy. In this guide we will look at Builder’s Risk policy extensions and how they can be customized for your individual needs.


Standard Builder’s Risk Insurance

There are a vast range of conditions and events that any standard Builder’s Risk Insurance will cover.


  1. Fire is a common threat to most construction sites. Construction sites are in general at a high risk of suffering from this kind of damage. So, it is no surprise that fire damage is part of a standard Builder’s Risk insurance policy.
  2. Explosions are also not an uncommon reason behind construction injuries and incidents. You will most probably find that your policy covers you against explosions.
  3. Adverse weather conditions such as severe storms, hail, or wind are usually covered in your standard Builder’s Risk insurance policy. However, if you are working in a flood, tornado or hurricane prone area, for example, you may need a policy extension.


Are You Covered By Your Builder’s Risk Policy Extensions?

When your construction site delivers several unique challenges, it might be beneficial to add some extensions to your policy. Your insurance provider can advise you on the possible Builder’s Risk insurance extensions available to you. Then you can decide if you need coverage for these instances. Typically, Builder’s Risk policy extensions wil be able to add additional cover for:

  1. Political instability might not be one of your considerations, yet the situation can change instantly. During a time of war, construction will most probably come to a standstill. Will your standard Builder’s Risk policy refund you for the expenses that you have invested in the project so far?
  2. Government action. Currently, we are experiencing the impact of the Coronavirus globally. Governments have closed their borders and called for isolation. This means that construction sites can’t proceed and construction companies might be at the losing end. You can have protection against these losses with your Builder’s Risk policy extensions.
  3. Contract penalty. Several contributing factors can influence your deadlines. Union action, breakdowns and bad weather are only a few. Not being able to deliver in time can lead to contract penalties. Protect yourself against these financial strains with your Builder’s Risk policy extensions.
  4. Earthquakes and other severe weather conditions. Your construction site can suffer severe damage during such occurrences. The bills can quickly tally up when you consider the possible removal of debris as well. These events are unforeseen, yet very disruptive. It can be challenging to protect yourself against the unknown. But, discussing a Builder’s Risk policy extension with your insurance agent can be invaluable in getting you complete coverage.



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Builder’s Risk policy extensions can help to protect you from your unique challenges. It is about going beyond the standard and masking yourself from the unseen.

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