Has your roof recently been damaged by hail, storm or any other factor? Perhaps, you are already trying to get someone to fix the damage for you. Here are nine tips you will find useful when selecting a roofing company.

1. Get Quotes

The first thing you need to do before selecting a roofing company is to request quotes from different roofing contractors. You should get quotes from at least three. Then, compare contractors based on factors such as materials used before deciding on one.

Request quotes from different roofing contractors compare them before decide one

2. Verify License

Roofing contractors are expected to carry certain licenses to operate in different states. It is therefore essential that you ensure the company in focus has requisite licenses for your locality.

Ensure the company in focus has requiste licenses for you locality

3. Number of Years in Business

When looking for a roofing company, it is better to go with established companies in your locality. The longer the number of years in business, the better. As this probably means more expertise.

The longer the number of years in business the better as this probably means more expertise

4. Work History

You should also ask the roofing company being considered to provide proofs of the quality of their past jobs. A list of previous clients that you can contact to confirm their experience may be helpful. It is also possible to seek out people that have used the same company in the past to get their point of view.

Ask the company proofs of the quality of their past jobs

5. Confirm Insurance

It is recommended that you ask your roofing contractor to provide proofs of necessary insurance, especially certificates for General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance policies. You may also want to confirm their validity through the insurer concerned.

Ask to provide proofs of necessary insurance especially certificates coi for general liability workers compensation also confirm their validity

6. Don’t Be too Price-conscious

You may desire savings, but prices should not be the major consideration factor for you. Extremely low estimates could mean use of substandard materials.

Extremely low estimates could mean use of substandard materials

7. Ask About Number of Workers

It may be relevant to ask your roofing company how many people will be working on your project. This will help you estimate a realistic time for its completion.

ask how many people would be working on your roofing project

8. Consider Health and Safety

You will do well to ensure that your roofing contractor is compliant with established health and safety standards. This could be helpful in preventing a casualty at your work site.

Ensure that your roofing contractor is compliant with established health & safaty standards

9. Digest Warranty Detail

Effort should be made on your part to fully understand the warranty information for your project. You need to get your roofing company to explain information contained therein to the letter for you.

Fully Understand the warranty information or get the company to explain in detail the information 100% guarantee

If the company you are hiring has their insurance with us,
You can be sure that they are fully covered, if you have any doubt, call us.

Written by: John Brown
John has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. He grew from a star insurance producer to owning one of the largest agencies in the country; he's a reference regarding contractor's insurance, commercial insurance, and builders' risk insurance.