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restaurant insurance in florida
restaurant insurance in florida
restaurant insurance in florida

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Do you run a family restaurant and need a tailored insurance policy to protect your business from everyday risks?

To help you find the right coverage for your family restaurant, our experienced insurance agents will do a full assessment of your business to identify your unique business risks. From there, they’ll be able to recommend the right coverage for your restaurant and present you with the most competitive quotes.

  restaurant insurance arizonaWhat Is Family Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant Insurance policies are tailored towards businesses that have unique needs and challenges from running a family friendly restaurant. These challenges include child safety, food quality, and providing a comfortable dining experience for all patrons.

  restaurant insurance arizonaWhat Is A Family Restaurant?

Whether you’re a diner, pizzeria, or buffet restaurant, a family restaurants all tend to have certain characteristics including:

  • Casual Dining Experience: The setting is relaxed, with a casual dress code, and a no rush dining experience.
  • Family-Oriented Service: Staff are trained to be patient and attentive to the needs of families.
  • Cleanliness and Safety: High standards of cleanliness and safety to ensure a healthy dining environment for all family members.
  • Responsible Alcohol Service: If the restaurant serves alcohol, it is done in moderation, responsibly, and legally.

  restaurant insurance arizonaTailored Insurance For Family Restaurants

An experienced insurance agent will be able to look at your restaurant, identify your risks, and recommend the best policies to protect your business.

Here are some of the most common types of insurance that are useful for restaurants.

General Liability Insurance

This coverage protects the restaurant from claims of bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury. For instance, if a child slips and falls on a wet floor, resulting in an injury, general liability insurance would cover medical expenses and legal fees.

Family Restaurant Insurance Coverage

Product Liability Insurance

This insurance covers risks associated with the food and beverages served. If a family suffers from food poisoning after dining at the restaurant, product liability insurance would cover medical costs and any potential lawsuits resulting from the incident.

Family Restaurant Insurance Coverage

Commercial Property Insurance

This type of insurance protects the physical assets of the restaurant, including the building, kitchen equipment, and furniture. For example, if a fire breaks out in the kitchen, commercial property insurance would cover the repair or replacement costs of damaged property and equipment.

Family Restaurant Insurance Coverage

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This insurance provides coverage for employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. If a chef burns their hand while cooking, workers’ compensation would cover their medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages during recovery.

Family Restaurant Insurance Coverage

  restaurant insurance arizonaFamily Restaurant Insurance Costs

If you want an exact cost for the price of an insurance policy, we recommend you get in touch with our agents. To give you some general numbers, a family restaurant can typically expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000 per year for a comprehensive insurance package.

  restaurant insurance arizonaFactors That Affect Coverage Costs

  • Size of the Restaurant: Larger restaurants generally have higher premiums due to increased risk and more assets to insure.
  • Location: Restaurants in high risk areas (e.g., prone to natural disasters or high crime rates) may face higher insurance costs.
  • Foot Traffic: Higher customer volume can increase the likelihood of accidents and claims, impacting insurance costs.
  • Type of Coverage: The more comprehensive the coverage (including specialized insurances like liquor liability or food contamination), the higher the premium.
  • Alcohol Service: Serving alcohol can raise premiums due to the added liability risk.
  • Claims History: A history of frequent or severe insurance claims can lead to higher premiums.

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We encourage you to contact our specialists if you want policy advice or an exact cost for food manufacturers’ insurance.

We understand the risks associated with owning a food business. Our agents can reduce policy prices through additional discounts of 10% to 15% from the instant quotes you receive, so please take the time to call us to review your quotes.

We provide the finest comprehensive plans for your business by providing:

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