Visitors to Natural Bridge Caverns can enjoy 45-minute tours of the caverns. It is located at 26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266. These tours offer a chance to explore the Mirror Lake, the Well Room, and stalagmites and stalactites. There are also other activities that visitors can participate in. For example, guests can take a lantern tour.

The caverns were created by natural forces. Changes in climate and vegetation caused water to drain to the lower levels. The water then moved to the second and third levels as it made its way out of the upper passages. Eventually, stresses in the rock caused the layers to collapse, resulting in the passages you see today.

The caverns are open daily. The site is easily accessible from I-81 and the Blue Ridge Parkway. It also offers a variety of food options. There is a mining company where you can pan for treasure. Another restaurant is the Cavern Cafe. There is also an old-fashioned parlor, Big Daddy’s Sweets, Treats Brew, which is named after the founder of the caves, Harry Heidemann.

The caverns also offer two off-the-beaten-path adventure tours. The Discovery Adventure Tour, which lasts four hours, features crawling through tight spaces and crawling through mud. On the other hand, the St. Mary’s Adventure Tour is a bit more technical, requiring more climbing and technical rope work. No previous caving experience is necessary for this tour

Natural Bridge Caverns is located near San Antonio, Texas, near the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. The caverns contain unique speleothems and other geological formations. The temperature inside is around 21 degrees Celsius year-round, and humidity is around ninety percent constant. The caverns are 180 feet underground. Some areas reach 230 feet deep.

Natural Bridge Caverns is Texas’ largest known cavern. The cavern was named after a limestone slab bridge that was suspended during the sinkhole collapse beneath it. The cave is still being explored today. Visitors can enjoy underground cave tours and an outdoor maze. The cavern is also home to artifacts dating back to 5000 BC. You can visit Natural Bridge Caverns to discover the amazing beauty of nature and discover the mysteries it holds.

Natural Bridge Caverns is located 30 minutes northeast of San Antonio, Texas. Guests can enjoy a range of activities year-round at the cavern. You can tour multiple caverns, participate in gemstone mining, or simply enjoy the view. During the holiday season, you can also experience Christmas at the Caverns and enjoy holiday light displays.

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