When a person has become a victim of any unfortunate event that may be intentionally inflicted or an accident has transpired because of the negligence of other people or a company; then the victim may be entitled for any financial claims, compensation, and damages and this is referred to by law as personal liability.

Personal liability does not only cover claims for medical treatment for the sustained disabilities, but it also covers lost salaries from work, property loss, or damage. Personal Liability is basically referred to as a financial obligation of an employer or a company to the injured employee, provided that the injury is work related and has been sustained in the area of work and during the time of work.

The common industries that are always involved in personal injury and personal liability issues are the general contractors, factories and other companies where their employees handle huge machineries because of the hazards present at the workplace.

In the contractor business, accidents are common because of the risks present at work that is why these types of businesses have to get a Contractors Liability Insurance or a General Contractor Insurance to protect their company and livelihood. General contractor insurance also helps keep their employees productive and safe from natural and unforeseen incidents.

Some contractors also need to get Workers Compensation Insurance to provide injured employees medical assistance, coverage of lost income or wages due to the injury sustained in the job or workplace.

On the other hand, contractor companies should follow certain laws and policies imposed by the state to promote safety in the workplace. There are certain standards they need to abide by to prevent such workplace accidents. Furthermore, every country or state has stated certain laws that deal with worker’s compensation although it differs from state to state.



Personal Liability Claims

For Worker’s Compensation Benefits, personal liability claimants should be employees. Here are some of the work-related injuries in the contractor place of work:


This injury is the most common type of injury, especially in construction sites or other industries of the same type. There are actually two sub classifications of falls that injured people may have experienced and will be eligible for claims:

  1. Fall on same level surface: This happens when an employee falls because of a wet and slippery area on the floor.
  2. Fall to lower level: This occurs when a person falls from a high or elevated spot or area when their work requires them to climb ladders, roofs, and stairs.



This occur when a person gets injured at work by sliding because of water, oil or other substances spilled on the floor or in some instances the floor is too slippery or the person steps on an object on the floor and slides causing the person to become injured.



These are injuries sustained when a person has to exert too much in holding, lifting, pulling, pushing, throwing, carrying, etc. This has been the most common of all injuries especially in construction sites and other contractor industries.


Struck by an Object

These types of injuries may be sustained from falling objects like debris, instruments, tools, and others of the same kind that may be accidentally dropped by another person. This type of workplace accident may result in serious physical injuries to the victim.


Hitting against an Object

This type of accident occurs when a person accidentally runs or bumps into doors, concrete walls, glass doors and windows, cabinets and other furnitures present in the workplace.


Repetitive Movements

These are some of the injuries that may not manifest right away because they are developed gradually; they may also seem harmless, but has serious effects in the long run. Some of the best examples include typing and using the computer for hours, when this is done for a relatively long period of time, it can cause visual impairments and low back pain or worse, carpal tunnel syndrome.



Compression in or by people who are usually involved in the operation of huge industrial machineries are the ones who get this type of injuries because they are exposed to extreme temperature or they do not have enough oxygen to breathe because the workplace is compressed.


Electric shock

This is most common for those who make electrical wiring repairs, installing different electrical equipment and fuses, or anything that has to do with electricity.


Violence and Assaults

This happens when a co-employee attacks another individual that may have rooted from arguments and conflicts about work or office politics.

These are only some of the most common accidents or injuries that workers may sustain in their line of work. The company has the major responsibility to ensure the safety and security of each and every employee and make sure that their health is not put to risk at all times. Having contractor’s liability insurance will help the company through the ordeals of having to face charges in court for injury and compensation benefit claims.

The best benefits that Contractor’s Liability Insurance can bring about is that it helps protect home builders, contractors and home remodelers from natural accidents, property damage and injuries in the workplace. Some contractors have liability insurance that face multi-million worth of insurance coverage because aside from the personal injuries sustained by the workers, they also cover and award compensation for all sorts of property damages due to the construction.


Contractors Liability Insurance for Personal Claims

Here are some reasons why contractors have to have liability insurance:

  • You are a contractor and you definitely want your clients to know that you are credible. Having contractor’s liability insurance will definitely do the trick!
  • Having such type of liability insurance helps your company in avoiding financial burdens from the compensation and personal injury claims in case of work-related accidents.
  • Through this, you will be able to protect, not just your business, but also your clients.
  • This will help your company settle any personal liability claim when any of the employees have had some injuries at work.

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Written by: John Brown
John has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. He grew from a star insurance producer to owning one of the largest agencies in the country; he's a reference regarding contractor's insurance, commercial insurance, and builders' risk insurance.