What do you need to know before getting a roofers insurance?

Worrying about insurance is very common for roofers just like any other businesses. This includes the possibility of causing property damage, insuring your vehicle, and also worrying about sub-contractors’ liability insurance. You also have to make sure that if you are working with heat, such as a hot air gun, you should have informed your insurance company about it. Keep in mind that there are insurance companies that consider soldering iron as a heat source.

Since you will be working with sub-contractors who will help you with your roofing project, you will be asked by most roofer’s insurance companies to keep written evidences that you have seen their general liability insurance. As a roofer it is very important to get the right roofers insurance. And if you are a house owner, it is very important to make sure that your roofers have roofers insurance. Roofers usually neglect these things because some roofers insurance policies are expensive. But all roofers must understand the importance of having roofers insurance and that it will be worth every dollar.
Here is a checklist to guide you on getting your roofers insurance.


1. Declare your tasks, jobs done or about to do.

2. Inform all your employers about your tasks, and your roofers insurance

3. Check if your roofers insurance covers use of heat. If you are going to work with heat and your insurance does not cover it, your insurers can decline a claim even if you didn’t work with heat only because you failed to inform them to obtain the insurance.

4. Check if your roofers insurance covers the use of subcontractors for your project.

5. Check if your roofers insurance covers “contingency liability” cover.

6. Check if your roofers insurance covers “indemnity to principal” clause.


As an experienced, trustworthy and responsible businessman, you should make sure that all important policies are in place even before your roofing project starts, keep them renewed when your insurance are due. Make sure all your roofers are insured to avoid liability problems. The only insurance required by law are for the transportation used (commercial auto) and general liability insurance for your employees. There are many things to think of in getting a roofers insurance and insurance for your business. But put your worries aside, General Contractors Insurance is here to help you out for free. You have the option to get an instant quote by filling up the quote request form or to talk directly to one of our agents and discuss your needs as a roofer or as a business owner. Give us a call now at (888) 973-0016.

Written by: John Brown
John has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. He grew from a star insurance producer to owning one of the largest agencies in the country; he's a reference regarding contractor's insurance, commercial insurance, and builders' risk insurance.